Five free methods to keep your children safe online 2022

In this post, we’ll show you five free methods for keeping your children safe online. If your children spend time online (and these days, most children do!), you may be looking for a strategy to limit what they can access. There are several excellent applications available to assist you in this endeavor, such as Net Nanny, but they are not cheap. They are also not always required. Even if your children are internet-savvy teenagers, you can limit their online activities at home by making some simple changes to your router and computer.

Why do we need these children safe online?

Because the little ones in our house didn’t understand what they were doing, we didn’t need to do so much. So we have to make sure that they are safe and that we can be safe. Because we have mobile laptops and a lot of gadgets that are connected online, so that we do not lose them or delete anything, we have the necessary data set, so we have to do the following five methods that you can follow.

1. Configure WPA protection on your router.

A smart teen can download software that will allow them to crack a WEP password in less than a minute, but WPA will access different parts of the Internet without authorization or from an unprotected account. (It will also prevent children from circumventing online controls at home by using a mobile device rather than a PC.)

2. Configure your router with a new password.

This may seem obvious, but if you choose the default password or one that your children can guess, they may be able to circumvent whatever protections you put in place by booting from a Linux boot CD.

3. Maintain administrative access control

Confirm that your children do not have administrative access to the computer. It’s also a good idea to make sure that each of your children has their own account on your home computer, and that the one you use is password protected.

4. Security settings in Windows

You can set up parental controls if you have Windows. These options allow you to keep track of your children’s activities and safeguard them from harmful content. You can, for example, limit your children’s access to certain applications and websites or the amount of time they spend just on the computer.

5. Security options in macOS

You can create controlled accounts for your children if you have a Mac. Managed accounts will enable you to use the parental control features that your Mac already has. You’ll be able to limit who can contact or e-mail your child, as well as which apps and websites they can access. You can also restrict their access to certain files on the computer. A nice set of instructions for creating controlled accounts on your Mac can be found here. Instructions for setting up parental controls for managed accounts may be found on Apple’s Support website.

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These precautions may not be sufficient to keep all kids out of trouble online, but they’re a good place to start before investing in monitoring software that you may not require. If your children are young, following these guidelines should be sufficient to keep them away from adult content. Review our Internet Safety for Kids and Internet Safety tutorials for more information on how and why to protect your children online.


I hope you enjoy reading this post. And if you have any comments, please let us know in the comments. So that we can come up with something new for you. It is our wish that you stay well and stay healthy and you must follow these five methods, and I hope you keep our children safe. Thank you all.

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