HMD Global, a Nokia licensee, plans to increase exports from India, describing it as a “key manufacturing destination.”

According to a senior executive at HMD Global, the creator of Nokia-branded devices, the business is eager to increase mobile exports from India as it considers several levers, including sourcing more components locally, to deepen its commitment to the country’s manufacturing ecosystem. Sanmeet Singh Kochhar, Vice President, HMD Worldwide, told PTI that India is a “very important” market for the company, and that it considers it a key global destination for sourcing and production.

The Nokia G21 smartphone (with up to three days of battery life), Nokia C01 Plus, two new feature phones — Nokia 105 and Nokia 105 Plus — and two new audio accessories, Nokia Comfort Earbuds and Nokia Go Earbuds+, were all revealed on Tuesday.

According to a press announcement, the Nokia G21 features a 50-megapixel triple camera with AI imaging, up to three days of battery life, and two years of OS upgrades as well as more security updates in the market.

The Nokia 105 is the world’s most popular feature phone, and it’s now been updated with a new elegant design and Wireless FM radio, according to the press release.

In terms of value, Kochhar asserted that the company is now “number one” in India for feature phones. HMD Global now manufactures feature phones and smartphones in India through its Indian Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) partners.

All of the smartphones it now offers in India, with the exception of the Nokia XR20, are made in India. HMD Global began delivering locally built Nokia 105 feature phones to the UAE market in December 2021, and the business plans to expand into more markets.

“We’re looking into how we might boost our exports of feature phones and even smartphones from India. We’ve already begun exporting the Nokia 105 feature phone, but we’re also looking into additional options, such as smartphone exports…” Kochhar remarked.

Asserting that HMD Global is committed to the government’s Make in India initiative, Kochhar stated that India is a crucial market for the company, not just in terms of growth, but also as a lucrative location for sourcing and manufacturing.

“Globally, India is one of our sourcing and production destination markets,” he said. Many components for feature phones and smartphones are currently sourced locally, and the company plans to increase its reliance on local sourcing.

“We have ambitions to source more components locally, anything we can…from India,” he said, “because that helps us expand the ecosystem in the India market.”

While the firm is looking into exporting Nokia smartphones built in India, Kochhar said the company is also interested in extending its feature phone exports to cover more areas, models, and customers.

India is a burgeoning market for electronics and cellphones, and the government is attempting to boost local production of electronic items through different schemes and incentives, including a production-linked incentive (PLI), in order to position the country as a worldwide manufacturing powerhouse.

“We are evaluating that but we have not begun anything,” Kochhar replied when asked if the business plans to produce tablets in India.

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