Chargers vs. Broncos score, key takeaways: A walk-off field goal by Dustin Hopkins lifts Los Angeles past Denver as he battles injury.

Under the lights, neither team had much success with the ball in their hands. Russell Wilson struggled to connect downfield after what was likely his best start to a game with Denver, and Justin Herbert was erratic while tossing the ball almost 60 times.

however, Brandon Staley's squad got the best of Nathaniel Hackett's, with a fumble recovery on a muffed punt late in overtime giving Los Angeles the ball deep in Broncos territory. Kicker Dustin Hopkins sealed the deal, hitting a 39-yard walk-off field goal in the Chargers' 19-16 victory, even after looking to aggravate an injury on his first kick of the night.

But in the end, Brandon Staley's team triumphed over Nathaniel Hackett's after recovering a fumble on a botched punt late in overtime to give Los Angeles the ball far inside Broncos territory.

Dustin Hopkins' 39-yard walk-off field goal gave the Chargers a 19-16 victory despite his first kick of the game appearing to be an attempt to aggravate an injury.

Both sides had a lot of questions going into the game in prime time. Despite the highly anticipated Wilson-Hackett pairing, Denver had a difficult time finding its offensive rhythm, and in Week 4, standout running back Javonte Williams suffered a season-ending injury.

When Wilson started the game on Monday, 10-for-10, the problems seemed to have subsided, only to reappear later.

Despite the fact that Staley is a native of the defensive side of the ball, the Chargers had struggled to put together a consistent defensive performance.