What’s the best worst horror story you have from Navy medical? story abut Navy medical

The Navy medical field is known for its rigor and the need for precision. But, what happens when things go awry? What are the worst horror stories you’ve heard from Navy medical? In this article, we’ll explore some of the most chilling tales from the Navy medical field, and discuss the measures that have been put in place to prevent such incidents from recurring.


The Navy medical field is an essential aspect of the military’s infrastructure. It provides medical care to the sailors and the Marines serving the country. However, with the immense responsibility of taking care of the military personnel, come stories of unimaginable horror that can leave a lasting impression on the psyche of those involved.

1. The infamous case of the USS Forrestal

A missile was unintentionally fired in 1967 when the USS Forrestal was engaged in flying operations, striking a fuel tank and setting off a series of explosions that culminated in a massive inferno that lasted for hours. More than 300 sailors were hurt, and over 130 sailors were killed.

The wounded were taken care of by the Naval medical staff. They weren’t ready for the extent of the burns and wounds they encountered, though. The Navy’s medical training program had a comprehensive redesign as a result of this disaster, adding sophisticated training in trauma care.

2. The case of the missing body part

A sailor had surgery to remove his appendix in 2008. The medical team found a surgical instrument missing after the treatment. The gadget was still inside the sailor’s body, according to an x-ray. The gadget was taken out during a second procedure.

This incident highlighted the importance of counting and tracking surgical instruments during medical procedures. The Navy implemented a new protocol that required a mandatory instrument count before and after each surgery.

3. The tragic case of the missing newborn

A premature baby was born in 2014 at the Naval Hospital Jacksonville by a sailor. However the newborn was nowhere to be seen, and a thorough search was made to find the child. The infant had been transported to the mortuary and wrongly classified as a stillborn, it was found.

Widespread indignation and protests were sparked by the hospital staff’s improper identification of the infant and communication with the parents. Since then, the Navy has updated its guidelines to incorporate better parent-medical staff contact.

4. The case of the wrong medication

The Naval Hospital Bremerton prescribed the incorrect prescription to a seaman in 2017. The medication was meant for someone else, but the sailor had an allergic reaction and needed immediate medical attention.

Because to this incident, the hospital’s drug administration system was investigated, and modifications were made to stop such incidents from happening again.

5. The measures taken to prevent such incidents

The Navy takes these occurrences seriously and has implemented controls to ensure that they don’t occur again. These measures include:

  1. Medical experts must participate in mandatory training programs to advance their expertise in trauma treatment, surgery, and medication administration.
  2. standardized practices for managing medications, keeping track of surgical instruments, and communicating with parents.
  3. to confirm that the protocols are being followed and that the medical staff is properly trained, regular audits and inspections.


Are Navy medical horror stories real?

Definitely, there are several instances of bizarre and horrific events that have been recorded in Military medical institutions. Many stories are based on actual events, though some may have been exaggerated or inflated over time.

Why do Navy medical horror stories exist?

Navy medical horror stories exist for several reasons. Some people enjoy sharing scary stories to entertain others, while others may use these stories to cope with difficult experiences or to warn others about potential dangers. Additionally, medical facilities can be inherently frightening places, especially for those who are sick or injured.

How can I avoid becoming the subject of a Navy medical horror story?

It’s important to follow to all medical standards and to communicate openly with your healthcare providers if you want to avoid becoming the topic of a Navy medical horror story. At any time, if you feel uneasy or endangered, speak up and ask for assistance.

Can Navy medical horror stories be harmful to patients and staff?

While the majority of horror stories about Navy doctors are harmless amusement, certain tales could reinforce unfavorable perceptions or damage the reputation of doctors. It’s crucial to keep in mind the effects these stories may have on both patients and staff and to always respect and empathize with medical professionals.

What should I do if I experience something strange or frightening at a Navy medical facility?

It’s important to tell the proper medical staff about any weird or frightful experiences you have while receiving care at a Military medical center. They can assist you in making sense of what happened and can offer tools and support to help you deal with any worry or anxiety you might be experiencing.

Last Word

The Navy’s medical world is a crucial part of the military’s support system. But, such duty carries the risk of terrifying tales that can leave an imprint. The Navy has implemented mandatory training programs, standardized standards, and routine audits and inspections to try to stop such situations from happening again.

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